The Official Pizza of Maryland

May 29, 2017
Alex Tsironis
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We’ve all heard of New York of Chicago style pizza, but Ledo Pizza is the originator of Maryland style pizza.

​According to the Washingtonian magazine, Maryland style Pizza is rectangular in shape, has a biscuity crust, a sweet tomato sauce, and uses smoked provolone cheese.

This all began when Ledo Pizza opened their first restaurant in 1955 in Adelphi, Maryland (Prince George’s County, pictured below).

Photo courtesy of the Gazette
As stated on the Ledo Pizza website, the circular pizza pans were relatively new when the first restaurant opened…so they went with the rectangular pans and ended up sticking with what was working.

Many of the best pizza spots in the area (Stained Glass Pub, Continental, Gentleman Jim’s, etc.) have carried on the rectangular pizza tradition that was inspired by Ledo Pizza.

The original Ledo Restaurant closed in July 2010, but relocated a month later to downtown College Park (Knox Road). The Ledo Pizza chain has expanded to include over 100 restaurants in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida.

Though they have gotten a little too big for us to include them in our annual “Best Pizza in MoCo” competition, I think it’s safe to say that they are the originator of Maryland style pizza and the official pizza of the Terrapin state.

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