Ranking Every MoCo High School

April 19, 2016
Alex Tsironis
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Over the course of the last few weeks, we visited Montgomery Mall, Wheaton Mall, and Lakeforest Mall a couple times each to ask patrons that live in Montgomery County to rank every Montgomery County high school. We asked 100 people at each mall (ages 16-63) to rank the schools based on where they would want to go if they were in high school now. They were provided a list of every high school in the county and could not include any school(s) they attend/attended when they put them in order. This is NOT an academic list…only the personal preference of the 300 people we polled.

Here are the results:

25. Paint Branch

24. Wheaton

23. Einstein

22. Watkins Mill

21. Springbrook

20. Kennedy

19. Northwood

18. Blair

17. Seneca Valley

16. Blake

​15. Magruder

14. Gaithersburg

13. Clarksburg

12. Rockville

11. Damascus

10. Walter Johnson

9. B-CC
8. Poolesville

7. Sherwood

6. Churchill

5. Whitman

4. Richard Montgomery

3. Northwest

2. Wootton

1. Quince Orchard

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