Pepe’s Pizza, Lego Store, Peking Duck, and 7 Eleven all Coming to Montgomery Mall in 2020

February 7, 2020
MCS Staff
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Pepe’s Pizza, Lego Store, Peking Duck, and 7 Eleven are all scheduled to open in Montgomery Mall this year.

Though we’ve touched on all of these except the Lego Store in the past, Westfield Montgomery has now posted expected opening dates for all of these future locations.

Pepe’s Pizza will be taking over Bobby’s Burger Palace. Bobby’s Burger Palace will close permanently on Saturday, February 15th, and we are told that Pepe’s will get to work soon after. It is not expected to open, however, until the winter of 2020.

Peking Duck, which was a podcast exclusive a couple months back, will be taking over the old Crave location on the lower level near Old Navy. Scheduled to open this fall.

Lego Store will be moving in to the lower level of Montgomery Mall. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this one, as Westfield Montgomery touts that you’ll be able to find a set for all ages. It’s expected to open this Fall

7 Eleven is planning on opening in the food court, just passed Chick Fil A, this spring. We first mentioned this opening all the way back in November of 2018. It looks like you’ll be able to grab a slurpee in the mall fairly soon.

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