MoCo Health Officer Hopes for Low-Moderate COVID-19 Transmission Before Non-Public Schools Reopen

August 8, 2020
Michelle Katz
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MoCo Health Officer hopes for low-moderate COVID-19 transmission before non-public schools reopen

Dr. Travis Gayles referred to the Centers for Disease Control guidelines for low to moderate COVID transmission—between eight and 32 daily new cases—in a press conference last week. MoCo currently averages 95 daily new cases, and has been above 32 average daily new cases since March 29.

Last Friday, Gayles ordered non-public schools to remain fully virtual until October. Gov. Hogan, who criticized the decision over the weekend, issued an executive order on Monday banning non-public school closures—but on Wednesday, Gayles reissued his original order, citing a different state law. The following day, the Maryland Department of Health reiterated that non-public schools should not face blanket closures by local officials.

On Friday, Gayles rescinded his order and allowed non-public schools to open, though he urged them to remain fully virtual.

Montgomery County Public Schools remain only virtual for at least the first semester.

By Prayag Gordy

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